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In this conference we investigate the potential of visual media to convey and respond to existing as well as emerging social realities. We aim to contribute to an interdisciplinary field of research and practice that includes anthropology, philosophy and visual art. The visual media we wish to discuss range from photography and film to digital media, audio-visual installations and exhibitions.

CAMERA AS CULTURAL CRITQUE – Juxtaposition, Intervention and Co-Creation

International Conference

Aarhus University & Moesgaard Museum (Denmark)

25-27 May 2016

Speakers include Trinh T. Minh-ha, Andrew Irving, Christian Suhr, Jennifer Deger, Catherine Russell, Jane Jin Kaisen, Mark Curran, Ton Otto, Karen Waltorp and Peter Crawford

Full details available here.

The conference is organised by the research group Camera as Cultural Critique based at the Eye & Mind Laboratory for Visual Anthropology at Aarhus University and Moesgaard Museum. This four-year research initiative (2013-2016) investigates the potential of using visual technologies and methodologies in social science research in practice. We collaborate with a variety of international researchers and practitioners, with the aim of establishing visual anthropology as a distinct form of critique within anthropology and the social sciences in general.


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Mark Curran / THE MARKET

As part of a series of events organised by Peggy Sue Amison (Curator & Artistic Director, East Wing), Irish Artist, Mark Curran will giving a talk on his research project on the functioning and condition of the global markets, THE MARKET, next Monday, May 9th at tête (artist-run project space). All begins at 7.30.

Irish Artist, Mark Curran will talk about his current ongoing transnational project, THE MARKET, which continues a cycle to date, and focuses on the functioning and condition of the global markets. It has been supported by Arts Council of Ireland & curated by Helen Carey. Future installations are confirmed for the UK & France in 2016/17 and a full publication is also planned.

Full details available here (tête) & here (Photography in Berlin).

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