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‘A Museum of Capitalism* is opening this June in Oakland, California. The museum will be the first of its kind in the United States remembering the historic era of capitalism, dedicated to “educating future generations about the ideology, history, and legacy of capitalism”. Through multimedia exhibits created by a diverse network of artists, scholars, and ordinary citizens, the museum’s opening exhibition will explore the historical phenomenon of capitalism and its intersections with themes including race, class, and the environment. Representing the collaborative efforts of a multidisciplinary team of curators, historians, artists, and designers, the museum’s inaugural exhibition will feature several multimedia exhibits and experiences created by some of today’s most dynamic artists. 

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Opening on Saturday, June 17th at 6pm. More information on events and ongoing programming here. The exhibition continues until August 20th, 2017.

The Museum of Capitalism is curated by Andrea Steves & Timothy Furstnau (FICTILIS) and includes work by Alexander Rose, Art for a Democratic Society, Ben Bigelow, Bureau d’Etudes, Chip Lord, Dread Scott, Igor Vamos, Jennifer Dalton, Jenny Odell, Jordan Bennett, Kambui Olujimi, Kate Haug, Marisa Jahn, Mark Curran, Michelle de la Vega, Oliver Ressler, Patricia Reed, Rimini Protokoll, Sharon Daniel, Superflex, Tim Portlock and Valeria Mogilevich amongst others.   

The exhibition will also include a library where visitors can browse several collections and learn more about the exhibits, as well as a recreation of an early-21st Century museum gift shop. Artifacts of capitalism, donated and loaned from citizens across the country, will be on display alongside the exhibits.

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The accompanying publication by Inventory Press will include work by all the artists and written contributions by Lucy Lippard, TJ Demos and Chantal Mouffe amongst others. Full details here.

*Exhibition includes (extracts from) THE MARKET comprising photographs, transcripts, sculpture. Participation by Mark Curran has been generously supported by Culture Ireland

NOORDERLICHT 2015 Installation

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Central location of  #DataRush & #Pulse exhibitions of NOORDERLICHT 2015.  The Sugar Factory Groningen, the Netherlands

Central location of
#DataRush & #Pulse exhibitions of NOORDERLICHT 2015.
The Sugar Factory
Groningen, the Netherlands


Dossier extracts from THE MARKET (2010 – )



Systemic Risk (Shadow Banking)(detail) (A4 Inkjet prints, text on reverse outlines pivotal role of Netherlands, Luxembourg & Ireland in global shadow banking system) Zuidas Global Financial District Amsterdam, Netherlands 2015


Right: Financial Surrrealism (WTC) Zuidas Financial District Amsterdam, Netherlands 2015 Left: Systemic Risk (Shadow Banking) Zuidas Global Financial District Amsterdam, Netherlands 2015


Algorithmic Surrealism 2015 (Single channel HD digital video, colour, sound/voiceover, 11’) Zuidas Global Financial District Amsterdam, Netherlands script adapted from essay by former Trader & Financial Activist, Brett Scott


The Economy of Appearances 2015 (Single channel HD digital generation, sound, 5’ 30’’) 3D Data Visualisation of the algorithmically-generated soundscape identifying the application of the words market and/or markets in the public speeches by Dutch Minister of Finance & President of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem Algorithm Design & Sound Composition by Ken Curran Data Visualisation by Damien Byrne

‘Activating the popular graphic representation of such circumstance through a 3D visualisation of the algorithmically-generated soundscape—The Economy Of Appearances—to represent contemporary financial capital functioning through the conduit of the financialised nation state’ Helen Carey

#DataRush continues at The Sugar Factory, Groningen until 11 October

Thanks to Wim Melis, Ype Van Gorkum, Hester Keijser, Maria, Henne, Shahin and all the Noorderlicht team and to Amanda Ritson and NEPN, University of Sunderland for their generous support.

Full details of NOORDERLICHT 2015 available here.

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