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Mark Curran / THE MARKET

As part of a series of events organised by Peggy Sue Amison (Curator & Artistic Director, East Wing), Irish Artist, Mark Curran will giving a talk on his research project on the functioning and condition of the global markets, THE MARKET, next Monday, May 9th at tête (artist-run project space). All begins at 7.30.

Irish Artist, Mark Curran will talk about his current ongoing transnational project, THE MARKET, which continues a cycle to date, and focuses on the functioning and condition of the global markets. It has been supported by Arts Council of Ireland & curated by Helen Carey. Future installations are confirmed for the UK & France in 2016/17 and a full publication is also planned.

Full details available here (tête) & here (Photography in Berlin).

Making History: MICHAEL SCHMIDT (1945-2014)

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I don’t understand people and historians who view history as something finished, something past. For me, history only has a function when it is defined from the vantage point of the present so to speak, as an essential component of the present and the future.
(Michael Schmidt 2010)

Michael Schmidt (portrait by John Gossage)

Michael Schmidt (portrait by John Gossage)

Last Saturday, May 24th, in Berlin, the exceptional Michael Schmidt passed away. Too soon. Schmidt was one of the most important German-born, post-war artists. His projects, EIN-HEIT and Waffenruhe, both as books and installations, changed everything about how I thought about and indeed used photography.

Here are links to more extensive description and review of Schmidt’s work:
Gerry Badger
American Suburb X
And an eloquent obituary by Jörg Colberg.

Sonntag presents THE MARKET (a progress report)

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Void Visitors Pass, Deutsche Börse AG, Eschborn, Germany, March 2012

Void Visitors Pass, Deutsche Börse AG, Eschborn, Germany, March 2012

Sonntag would like to invite you to the installation of

THE MARKET (a progress report)*
by Mark Curran

20 January
2 – 6pm

Exhibition dates
20 January – 23 January

Gossowstrasse 10, 4. floor
(Bell – Schiesser)
10777 Berlin

U1, U2, U3 Nollendorfplatz
U4 Viktoria – Luise Platz

Sonntag is a social sculpture that invites artists to collaborate and share their work in a domestic space. The project is realized on a monthly basis by way of a public invitation to a Sunday matinee where the invited artist‘s favorite cake and coffee/tea is shared with the audience.

This project was started in September 2012 by Adrian Schiesser and April Gertler.

*The event will feature work in progress from the project, THE MARKET.

Update images of the event can now be found here.

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