KRAKOW PHOTOMONTH 2018 – Spaces of Flows

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‘The visual artists taking part in this edition are unique in their ability to unravel the present, while simultaneously accounting for the past and imagining possible futures’




MAY – JUNE 2018

‘Featuring an international slate of artists, the festival focuses on the ceaseless flow of people, information, and substances, through expanding urban areas, the virtual realm of cyberspace, and endangered natural landscapes. In the face of worldwide streams of refugees and migrants, an overload of manipulable digital information, and injurious amounts of harmful particles suspended in the atmosphere and discharged into waterways, those in power look the other way. And all the while they withdraw and intensify control to protect what they have. Short-term success is favoured over having a sustained vision of the future.

The programme derives its thematic approach from the concept of the “space of flows”, as set forth by the Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells in his seminal 1996 volume The Rise of the Network Society. “The space of flows”, explained Castells, “dissolves time by disordering the sequence of events and making them simultaneous, thus installing society in eternal ephemerality”. Iris Sikking

Main programme features projects by Eva Leitolf, Agata Grzybowska, Edmund Clark / Crofton Black, Jules Spinatsch, Salvatore Vitale, Katja Stuke / Oliver Sieber, Antoinette de Jong / Robert Knoth, Rune Peitersen, Lisa Bernard, Agnieszka Rayss, Sputnik Photos Collective, Mark Curran & Michal Luczak. More information on opening events and ongoing programming here.

Installation includes extracts from THE MARKET (2010-)/RYNEK (2010-) comprising Photographs, Powerpoint Presentation, Transcripts of Verbal Testimony, 3D Data Visualisation & Film Projection. Further information here.

Algorithm & Sound Composition Ken Curran 3D Data Visualisation Damien Byrne

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